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I haven’t been doing much blogging since my Textpattern days. Back then I got into blogging and started developing plugins for the young (alpha) project. WordPress 1.0 was released and got my attention but I was already to invested in my Textpattern blog and wasn’t willing to switch.

Screenshot of kickminder.com (associative exploration mode)

I like posting cultural snippets and topics on my long running stream called https://kickminder.com . Blogging started with my first blog using Textpattern written by the now deceased  Dean Allen (R.I.P.). He didn’t embrace Open Source at the time and based his template engine heavily on regular expressions. Neither the less it was a revealing experience to use a blogging system one could extend and where the focus was on writing.

I since move to Jux.com, a startup from NYC going up against the young tumblr at the time. Sometimes I question my taste for the “underdog” as they went bankrupt and didn’t make it easy to export user data in the process. I lost most of my postings from the period. My takeway was to revert to maintain my own blog but I focused on visual storytelling and didn’t invest much in any type of long form reading. I am hoping to change this with this blog.

This space will therefor be dedicated for occasional tech-posts and code snippets. Also I am using this space to play around with Gutenberg and related content.


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